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This is MADh Vinyl, the artificial adventures of four and a half vinyl girls navigating their way through the worlds of man, machine code, and magic.

From the Professor's desk
GOOD NEWS everyone!

The MADh Vinyl web site has been updated with new content! The most exciting new feature will be the opening of the V-Lab, a collection of tutorials, comparisons, behind the scenes material and other junk that's been just taking up space on Hyatt's hard drive. We've been told to move it or lose it so we've opted for the former.

Contrary to some predictions the recent release of the MADh Vinyl calendar
did not cause a cataclysmic planetary event that was to end the world as we know it. Take that you Mayans! What did they know about making a proper doomsday device anyway? You can get your copy today from the MADh Vinyl Shop. The calendar, not the doomsday device.

For those that require a weekly fix, the latest episodes of MADh Vinyl are still being published on the Dollieh Sanctuary forum at nearly weekly intervals. For those on a more geological time scale, stay tuned here for the next site update.


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